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What are Dental Crowns? How long can you last?

Date: 27 Dec 2022
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Dental Crowns Dentistry transforms damaged teeth into aesthetically pleasing ones. with the latest equipment and dental knowledge Whether it's dental rot, damaged teeth, or chipped teeth, they may be made to seem natural and function normally. Again, display your gorgeous, genuine grin. Obviously, as we age, oral health becomes the primary health concern. It may harm teeth due to incorrect usage, upkeep, or even other health conditions.


Having dental decay, cracking, chipping, or erosion difficulties In addition to possessing these qualities, the individual is also in good health and exudes confidence while meeting or greeting people. Come and have your teeth cleaned. Don't forget to get stunning crowns before it's too late to replace them with revolutionary crowns. Let's first test it with a crown.

What is a dental crown?


Dental Crowns are a form of dental treatment used to treat severe cavities, fractures, cracks, and decay-weakened teeth. Or return to normal usage with extremely big fillings using restorative materials that resemble regular teeth. It may be composed of metal, ceramic, or metal covered with ceramic. Covering or protecting a broken tooth is comparable to wearing armor on the teeth In order to be healthy and attractive, the damaged teeth will be restored to their original state. Capable of chewing normally


How many varieties of dental crowns exist?

There are five different forms of dental crowns, the applicability of which depends on the extent of tooth damage. Characteristics of usage and tooth surface coverage

All-ceramic crown (ACC)

It is a crown that most closely matches the color and clarity of real teeth and has minimal dentin filling. Appropriate for the repair of beautiful teeth. or in people with metal hypersensitivity Does not discolor the teeth and gum edge with metals. Ceramic crowns are intended to be robust and long-lasting, and they may be utilized to reconstruct teeth in any position. There are three kinds of crowns made entirely from ceramic:

  • Crowns made entirely of glass-ceramic (Glass Ceramics; Feldspathic, Lithium disilicate) are exquisite. It is as transparent as genuine teeth can be. moderate strength Appropriate for the front teeth and premolars.
  • Crowns made of zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate are completely computer-designed and manufactured. Provides a resemblance to real teeth in both appearance and durability. It may be used to reconstruct teeth, especially front teeth, premolars, and molars that need strong 
  • Zirconia crowns made entirely of ceramic are computer-designed and manufactured. It is more robust and lasting than the glass-ceramic kind. but less transparency It may be used on both back teeth and front teeth. Appropriate for repairs requiring great strength. or crowns in places where teeth may be fabricated with minimal milling.

Ceramic-coated metal crowns (Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown: PFM)

A cover with a metal frame that provides strength. The teeth were then covered with ceramic to match the color of real teeth. Provides less attractiveness than all-ceramic crowns and may need more dentin grinding to provide sufficient thickness for strength.

All-resin crown

100% of resin crowns Pure resin substance that resembles plastic. In comparison to other crown kinds, it is the least expensive. weak strength More susceptible to fracture than other kinds of crowns. Consequently, they are often utilized as temporary crowns during therapy. Or await the actual crown as planned.

Full metal crown (FMC)


All-metal crowns are composed of gold or another metal, such as Palladium or Chrobalt-chromium alloy. In comparison to metal-ceramic crowns, double-tooth crowns result in less wear and less grinding. or crowns made of ceramic It is used more often in the posterior teeth as opposed to the anterior teeth, and their composition varies according to the amount of gold applied. appropriate for the molars It is the strongest and most lasting substance because, unlike ceramic materials, it does not crack or shatter. The hue, however, is metallic. This may not be appropriate for individuals who like natural attractiveness

Stainless Steel Crown (SSC)

Crown made of stainless steel Constructed of stainless steel in the shape of a completed crown. Make it obvious that the tooth is wearing a crown, even if the color is not attractive. Suitable for newborn milk teeth.

Who ought to wear a crown?

Crowning is subject to the dentist's approval. The dentist may suggest a crown in the following situations:

  • Those with significantly damaged teeth, such as broken, broken, or chipped teeth, want to restore to normal use of their teeth. The most plausible.
  • folks with significant cavities It is not possible to repair the dentin with a filling since it has been badly compromised.
  • For individuals who have had root canal therapy Frequently, crowns are required to strengthen tooth strength and avoid fractures.
  • individual with dental implants A crown must be placed atop an implant.
  • One who has lost teeth and wants to replace them with dental bridges. The bridge also includes crowns.
  • For those with significant tooth erosion, crowns will serve as a barrier to prevent further erosion and reinforce the teeth's structure.
  • Those with visibly aberrant tooth color might have their teeth made to seem lovely with dental crowns.

If the foregoing symptoms are present, you might visit a dentist for help. Before the teeth become irreparably damaged and cannot be repaired Consult a dental professional at AB DENTAL CLINIC.

How long do crowns typically last?


Depending on the materials used to cover them, crowns have an average life of between 10 and 15 years. Use on a daily basis and maintain oral and dental health If used correctly and you take care of your oral and dental health, see your dentist regularly. Dental crowns may survive for decades.

Crowns vs Veneers: Which is superior?

The veneer is composed of ceramic material. Concentrate on preserving and beautifying teeth or restoring somewhat aberrant or damaged teeth, such as uneven tooth color, spaced teeth, chipped teeth, and slightly crooked teeth. However, dental crowns are a treatment option for badly damaged teeth. Want to fortify your teeth?

The benefits of dental crowns

  • Beautiful, user-friendly, firmly attached and adheres to the teeth exceptionally well. Capable of chewing normally
  • Can be utilized for a very long time
  • Replace decayed teeth with beautiful ones

Exhibit a lovely, natural-looking grin. At AB DENTAL CLINIC, skilled dentists will boost your confidence.


A.B. DENTAL Clinic, a renowned dental clinic in Phuket, Thailand, offers comprehensive dental care or one-stop services for all forms of dental care. diversity for domestic and international patients A group of professional dentists conducts all services. qualification for Knowledge and expertise with contemporary technology and tools for over 20 years Every treatment utilizes brand-new, high-quality materials. In addition, we place great emphasis on hygiene. The equipment is disinfected in accordance with international guidelines. The service area is furnished with a welcoming ambiance. easygoing and cordial To establish excellent oral and dental health while focusing on the patient's requirements. Contacting a dentist for examination and guidance before the teeth are irreparably damaged is necessary for transforming unsightly teeth into attractive ones. Contact a specialized dentist at A.B. DENTAL Facility, Phuket's premier dental clinic.