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Factors that cause bad breath and result in bad breath - AB Dental Clinic Phuket

Date: 24 Dec 2023
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Listen to the doctor, come here quickly!! Having bad breath is kind of serious issue.
Come solve these problems with us……
Ready to eliminate….factors that cause your teeth decay🦷 and bad breath😲

Factors that cause bad breath and result in bad breath are:
⚠ Food that has starch and sugar can cause your teeth decayed.
⚠ Rarely brush your teeth, after eating.
⚠ Food particles stuck in the grooves of the teeth or in between the teeth, which is difficult to clean.
⚠ Dry mouth.

✅ Drink lots of water that help to cleans bacteria from saliva
✅ Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months
✅ Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth
✅ Gargle with salt water.
✅ Check your dental health 2 times a year.

Confident when breath in and out,
come in for oral health check every 6 months!!

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